I’m Sick, Again!

I am at the beginning of what I think is yet another sinus infection.  I’ve never had one until October and now I am on my third in five months.  I guess a visit to the ear, nose, and throat doctor is in order.

Unfortunately, the only thing that has changed in my life is spending more time at my boyfriend’s home.  Yes, the one I am moving into.  He is not a good housekeeper and I have severe allergies.  We discussed it last night and are postulating that his house is my downfall.

In my own home I have taken measures to reduce the allergens and frankly I forgot about them because I did it so long ago.  He offered to spend more time here until he could clean the place (I am severely allergic to dust mites).  His house is literally making me sick.  I told him all the things I’ve done to help my allergy problem and we agreed to implement them at his home. We were cleaning his house this weekend and we think that may have triggered the sinus response.  So, I will have to wear a mask as we clean his place up and implement the allergy controls.

Right now some of the things I do to help are:

1) My mattress and pillows are in allergy barrier cases.  His aren’t and I didn’t even think about it as I have had mine in them for years.

2) I replace the furnace filter every month at a minimum and I buy the more expensive allergy ones.  His hasn’t been replaced since November and he has no idea what kind it is, probably really cheap.

3) I keep filters on the actual vents to help with the dust.  He doesn’t

4) I clean and vacuum multiple days a week and I dust at least once a week. He definitely does not.

5) I wash my bedding frequently in hot water.  I have no idea how often he washes his.

I feel like I am a lot of work to have as a girlfriend, but he seems ok with it.  He even suggested buying an air purifier for me, which I think we will need to put in the basement family room.  That is the room we spend most of our time in (his man cave) and its the room with carpeting.  He even suggested we keep the dogs out of the bedroom permanently, which my allergy doctor also suggests.  That one I may or may not do.  I love taking naps with the dogs, and I like letting them in on Saturday mornings when we wake up for “cuddle time”.  Maybe I can use an old sheet that I can take off the bed afterward!

My allergies are costing me a fortune in both preventative measures, medication, and sick leave time.

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