Protests in Michigan

I took the afternoon off work yesterday to join the protests at the capital.  It was a good demonstration and they estimate about 3,000 or more people attended. There have been protests all week, but this was the biggest one.

It was really interesting to see the people from all walks of life in the crowd that belong to a union.  We had teachers, nurses, janitors, electricians, plumbers, builders, scientists & engineers (my union), student workers, and administrative support staffs.  My cousin also took the day off work with members of his electrical union, he is a line-man for an electric company.  Even my retired aunt (former school secretary) and my 84-year old grandma showed up!

We were mostly protesting the Emergency Manager Bill that passed and is awaiting signature by the governor.  The day before the AARP had organized a protest of the new tax on pensions.  It was a mix of protesting the union-busting, raising taxes on our poor and elderly to give tax breaks to corporations, and the bill that allows the state to appoint someone to fire our elected officials and bypass our democratic process.  A bill to make Michigan a “Right-to-Work” state is being worked on in the legislature right now.

It was a good day, even though the Governor signed the bill.


2 responses to “Protests in Michigan

  • Jeff Ryan

    I am torn on it. I agree that unions are great a protecting employees from harrassing management as well as provide a better work condition. On the other hand I know that unions have a history of take take take and sometimes dont really look after the good of it’s people and more of the good of itself. But that being said I am a union employee and back up union employees.

  • Jenn

    Yes and no. I was pretty anti-union until I became involved with mine. I am on the grievance committee and the board. I see the protection it can provide people that are unfairly targeted or have bad management. It does protect bad workers from immediate firing, but as long as the mangers follow the process they can get rid of those people. The problem is the abundance of horrible managers.

    As I pointed out to by SO, who works in the private sector, he has the ability to negotiate pay raises and earn bonuses. I do not, collective bargaining is my only recourse.

    It does bug me that I have twice the responsibility and education of the guy sitting next to me and we make the same.

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