Settling In

I am settling into the new home slowly.  I have all of the things from my other house I need just not all the things I want.  However, I am trying to purge belongings and set aside things to sell at the annual garage sale my old neighborhood has every year.  Since my mom is living in my house I can still partake in the sale.

My poor boyfriend, he is also purging things from his home as well.  I am not sure if he really thought that part through, but we are merging two complete households together.  Luckily, he still kind of lived like his house was a dorm room with old hand-me down furniture, so we are keeping many of the things I own, at least upstairs.  His man-cave in the basement is all him!  Although, that is where we spend the majority of our time.

We are still working on setting up a system of splitting of expenses.  Right now I keep all the receipts and have a running total in excel.  So far, its been pretty evenly split, but I am not paying him anything yet on the house until I receive my first rent check from my mother.

So far we are not really saving much money, but I think that has to do with trying to figure out groceries and how often we eat out.  It has only been three weeks of living together and we are still trying to get organized and settle in.  My furniture arrives on Friday and that should be the end of moving.

Now I’ll just need to unpack and find homes for my things.  I suspect my “garage sale pile” is going to get larger!

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