Saving on a Grill

Tonight, we are hosting our first party together.  It isn’t cheap, but I did manage to talk my boyfriend down on buying so much food and drink.  He wanted to spend way more money than we ended up doing, but still a ton more than I want.  However, it will be a fun evening and if the rain holds off, an awesome outdoor BBQ & potluck.

I love grilling and became convinced that we needed a grill and talked my boyfriend into it as well.  Of course, I was thinking a $89 charcoal grill, he fixed his eye on a $500 gas grill.  Doh!  We spent weeks going back and forth on which grill to buy, how much to spend and finally settled on a gas grill for $329.  A bit of a compromise.

When we went to purchase said grill, it was up to $399.  We have had this party planned for over a month and always intended it to be a BBQ, but we still had no grill.  So we debated some more about whether to spend even more money, when we got lucky!  My boyfriend asked around at work about types of grills, turns out someone had a smaller version of the one he wanted and was looking to sell.  It wasn’t exactly what he wanted, it only had two burners when he wanted three, and no side burner.  I pointed out that he has never grilled and might not even like it, so why spend $399 on a larger model.

We now have a relatively new small gas grill with cover in the garage and it only cost us $100.  It pays to ask around, you never know who might be looking to sell what you need.

Tonight’s party will be a BBQ, even if it rains!

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