Who Needs Trees

I am so tempted to cut down all the trees on my property.  The property  now occupied by my mother.  We had a swath of really bad storms come through last week and a limb on a tree in the backyard cracked and fell on the neighbor’s fence.  It is just resting on it, there is no damage.  My mother kindly went over and told them I would call a company and have it removed.  Now, they guy won’t leave her alone.

The storm came through on Tuesday, my mother noticed it on Saturday evening, and talked to them on Sunday.  She told them I would call on Monday to schedule someone to take care of it.  It is now Tuesday and the guy is at the house complaining that it is killing his grass.  Huh?

1) They never noticed it until she pointed it out.

2) It takes awhile to get someone out for a small limb that isn’t doing any damage.


3) I am being courteous and paying to have it cleaned up, when technically in Michigan, once it crosses the property line, it is the responsibility of the property owner, not the tree owner.  If a tree crosses a property line that property owner can do anything to the tree on their side of the line.

Last year I took an entire tree down that was threatening to fall on their garage for over a week.  They never said a word.  I suppose $170 is a small price to pay to get them to shut up.  I am still tempted to take all the trees out, but then they might complain I am killing their grass because I took away the shade!


3 responses to “Who Needs Trees

  • Jeff

    you are nicer than I. I would let them know a number to call to have it removed on their dime. I wouldn’t be like that if the neighbor wasn’t so pushy.

  • Myra J

    Trees are part of the environment, but they can be a pain. I am considering having the trees to my home (which I’m now renting to tenants) cut down because of the cost of leave removal in the fall and the threat of home damage due to storms.

    I understand your predicament…

    • Jenn

      I’ve paid a significant amount of money on trees around that house. Either storm damage, trimming, or even trying to save one of them. The trees in that neighborhood seem to be dying and are infested with carpenter ants. Which also means I pay Terminix quarterly because of the trees.

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