August Expenses plus Vacation

I finally sat down and calculated the vacation receipts that I had in my possession.  There may be more expenses that I don’t remember and will need to get the boyfriend to check out his credit card statement.  Generally when he pays for things we do together I take the receipt and keep track of what I owe him, but sometimes I miss getting a receipt.  He tends to use his card for everything and pay it off at the end of the month to accumulate points.  It has worked out in my favor as well,  last time he cashed the points in he gave me a Kindle.

A rough estimate shows we spent the following:

  • around $600 on the boyfriend’s Credit card
  • $87 in cash (of our own combined money, we had $187 but I somehow lost $100 of it)
  •  his parents gave us $300, we gave back $100 that we didn’t spend at the end of the trip
  • and various fees and exchange rates that I haven’t calculated yet.

Considering what we did and that it was a week-long vacation, this isn’t that bad.  I think his parents paid close to $2700 just for our flight and room, not to mention they bought us dinner a few times.  What we paid is nothing in comparison.  Did I want to spend that much? Not really, it means I need to come up with an extra money this month to pay him back.

This was an expensive month, we also had enormous vet bills and a broken de-humidifier.  As is stands, I owe him around $459 for the month and it is not over yet.  Ugh!  Granted, he’ll let me pay him back slowly if I need to, at least one of us doesn’t live paycheck to paycheck, but I like to settle up at the end of every month.  Not sure what I will do, I will probably have to wait a little.

This kind of puts a wrench in my goal of having credit card 1 paid by January!


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