Back in School

Sorry I haven’t posted much but I haven’t had a whole lot to say.  I am chugging along, paying my bills, going to school, working, and living my life.

I am back in school at the local community college which has put my student loans into deferment.  I am still paying the minimum monthly payment, only now the bulk goes to the principal and not to interest.  Woohoo!

My boyfriend and I discussed it at length and we decided that I should go back to school to work on my “educational deficiencies”.  This will be a good idea in the long run to help me change jobs.  Currently, I am paid well but my income is going down, and no longer up.  I guess I reached the top of my career ladder already.  I am also in a very niche field and position so if it was eliminated, or if I wanted to leave (which I kind of do), I am out of luck in finding a similar job for as much money.

So, I am working on updating my skills and possibly getting a new degree in Business or Accounting.  Something that gives me a better range of options.  I don’t have to earn as much in the future, I just don’t want to continue being in a pigeon hole.  Ultimately, I would like to work for myself.  I am a great self-motivator and I think I would thrive on working from home.  I also would prefer to be paid for my productivity and not whether I punched a clock on time.  It irritates me to no end that I make the same amount as other people in my office who don’t do as much or as difficult work.

I am only in one class this semester, but will probably take two next semester.  Luckily classes are relatively cheap at the college, and if I do go into accounting they have a degree designed for people with bachelors in other fields to prep them for the CPA exam.  I still need to look into it more, but it looks promising.


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