I am Car Shopping

Yes, you read that right.  I have paid off $21,000+ and am looking to add more debt in the form of a vehicle.  I think, maybe.

My car is a piece of @%$%^!  It has served me well for the past 12 years, but I grow tired of climbing in on the passenger’s side because my driver door won’t open.  Or, if I get it open, it may not close again until I break out the hair dryer and blow dry the door mechanism.  I am growing weary of driving along and feeling like my teeth will fall out with all the bouncing.  When I shift into drive it is starting to stick and or feel like its going to hope back into neutral at any time.  Parts of the dashboard are falling off and so are parts of the rusted body.

I paid $11,400 for my 1999 Ford Contour in 2000 with 14,000 miles.  It has 129,000 on it, but with Michigan Winters without a garage and myself not taking great care of it for the last four years.  It feels like it wants to be put down, or maybe that is my wishful thinking.

With encouragement from the boyfriend and friends, all of whom refuse to ride in my car, I have begun looking for a replacement.

I hate car shopping with a passion, but it has been better this time with my BF joining me in the search.  Whatever car I get, he will end up driving at least half-time.  We will end up taking my smaller car more often to do errands, etc, rather than his SUV to save on gas.

I have no idea when this will happen or what I will get.  The thought of spending so much money kind of makes me ill, but so does the thought I keeping this car any longer.

One response to “I am Car Shopping

  • Mysti

    I just had to buy a car in the last month because my &^%$^ car died. I was really upset about having to add to the debt load, but I was spending too much money trying to fix a car that was on a heart-lung machine.

    Good luck!

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