The New Budget

Budgeting & Pizza night went well, but a little depressing.  We didn’t actually have pizza, I made dinner instead.  We did have a little ice cream half-way through the process as a pick me up.  My boyfriend has been sick for over a week where he completely lost his voice.  The ice cream was a leftover treat I had picked up for him.

To keep him engaged in the process I had him sit at the computer and do the manual entry into the spreadsheet.  I admit it was a painful process for me, he doesn’t normally use excel and I desperately wanted to take over to move things along.  Luckily for me, I can actually tell him how I am feeling and not worry that he’ll be upset.  I didn’t take over, except when we needed to add new categories that I forgot about when I put it together in the first place.  This process really worked, it kept him focused and engaged rather than me just telling him what I was doing.

We spent a few hours working on this, discussing everything as we went along.  The next time shouldn’t take as long, since it will be adjusting.  I think we captured most things, however, he feels something is missing as the spreadsheet says he has a larger end of the month surplus that he doesn’t feel is right.  He thinks he has much less, which tells me he spends more than he thinks he does.  I, on the other hand had a large negative after factoring in all the little things.  The new car and the increase I started paying toward the house coupled with tuition have hit me hard.  We made some adjustments and I am just squeaking by until August when my next two smallest debts will be paid.

It also made us reevaluate some of our future plans, but that is a post I can’t write quite yet.  I will present the budget soon.


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