I Can Finally Wash My Clothes!

The repairman just left and I have a washer that works!  So excited!

Our washer stopped spinning a month ago and my boyfriend didn’t want to spend the money to repair it.  I have been to the laundromat 5 times, spending on average $15 each time.  I just spent $135 to repair a broken coupling.  If we had just called them when it first broke, we would have saved at least $40-50 dollars.  The first time I went to the laundromat was when the washer actually broke so I am not counting that time.

Putting off calling the repairman cost us more than sucking it up and shelling out the money.  We thought about attempting to save the money and fix it ourselves, that is what cost us.  I suspected it was a broken coupling, but we didn’t consider the fact that we really didn’t have the right tools.

I also noticed that the water shut-offs are corroding and I think we will need to get them replaced before we have a problem.  One of our budget items is home repair and this home sure needs it. My boyfriend bought a bit of a money pit, it already sucked up $10,000 last year. Unfortunately, neither one of us is handy, so paying professionals is really the only option.  The bonus is that its more likely to be done well.  Well, hopefully!

2 responses to “I Can Finally Wash My Clothes!

  • Jeff

    we’ve done the laundry mat thing a few times. I always get creeped out by a person. Every time we go.

  • Jenn

    I like getting all the clothes done at once at the laundromat, but I hate waiting to have enough to go. I like just throwing in a load when one accumulates or if I really want to wear something in particular I can wash it right away.

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