Coming This Fall…..

Single in Debt will no longer be single.  That’s right, I am getting married for the first time at the cusp of turning 39!

Not that I was someone who really wanted to get married and distressed over it.  Maybe for that brief window in my early thirties when I wanted kids, something I have since gotten over.  I never really considered having the traditional life of husband, dog, white picket fence and 2.5 kids and I still don’t.  I just happened to get together with someone I am very compatible with and it worked.  I am very happy to have a partner in life and I think I am adapting quite well.  We still have things that take extra work, such as my allergy to communication.  I lived on my own for so long, I forget to tell him things or I just race ahead without realizing its something that we need to discuss first.  Luckily, he has been a good sport about it so far and I’m learning that what I do impacts someone else.

I am not changing the address of the blog.  I realize I am not single anymore (or won’t be soon), however the debt in this relationship is brought in by a single person, me!  So, I am thinking of adding to the title and suggestions are welcome.  So far I have thought of one new name:

Single in Debt, Couple in Life

It maybe a little dorky.  So help me out with a new name!


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