Too Many Wedding Guests

Since I announced I am getting married, I disappeared from my blog when I should have started writing more. My bad. I have a tendency to get caught up in my day-to-day living and everything elses falls to the wayside.  Here, is where I am currently at with my wedding plans. Oh, and notice the Blog title change?   Um, can’t figure out how to change this, working on it!

A little background first. We are not party people and we generally hate weddings. That being said, we are still having one ourselves, but smaller, much smaller. This caused a few people to be upset, namely, my fiance’s parents. When we put the guest list together, we did the dreaded A-list, B-list thing.  Actually, we even went to a D-list. It had nothing to do with how we feel about the people on the list (directed at my friends who read this but didn’t make the A-list). When we started putting names down, we realized that it had a cascading effect. If we invite so-and-so, we have to invite like five more people so as not to upset anyone. By the time we finished making the list it had grown to 135 people (not including all the people we didn’t know that his parents wanted to invite).  I understand can still be considered a medium to small wedding in some circles.  The tiers ended up going from 15 to 65 to 135 people.

We kinda looked at each other and said “hell no”.  It was becoming one of those dreaded “weddings” that we both hate. Also, we were adamant about not having a DJ or dancing. What were we going to do with all these people? So we cut the list to fifteen. That is right, fifteen people, not including us. As I said, this small wedding concept didn’t go over well with his side. On my side only one aunt was upset about not being invited. My mom, on the other hand was just fine with it, which is not at all surprising considering I believe she has social anxiety, but that is irrelevant.

So our wedding includes our more immediate families: parent(s), my grandma, favorite uncle (who is walking me down the aisle) and aunt, his brother and sister-in-law, my best friend (she’s more like a sister)
We then added one set of close friends each, and the couple who were instrumental in getting us together.

But wait there is more……

We now have two more wedding receptions in the works, but I’ll save that for a later day…………….

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