Goodbye Cake of My Dreams

When we decided to have an actual wedding (not just run off to the courthouse), we made a budget that we thought was higher than we’d like but still reasonable. We have budgeted $4000 for everything, which seems incredibly high to me, but when I tell other people they think its reasonable or low. Just goes to show you how much I know about weddings. When we first started to plan the thing, we had all these crazy ideas of what we wanted. Then I started planning it and investigating cost.  Needless to say, they have all disappeared from our plans. The hardest one to eliminate was the cake.

You see, we are both self-proclaimed geeks. I am especially into science fiction and dreamed of having the ultimate sci-fi wedding cake, whether it was a Stargate cake, Dr. Who cake, it didn’t matter. I just wanted the ultimate geeky wedding cake. I’ve spent years trying to get someone to make or buy me a sci-fi themed cake for my birthday. A really cool one, not just a kids sheet cake, kind of like these cakes.

Alas, I still haven’t received my sci-fi cake, much to my dismay. I spent quite a bit of time, trying to figure out which sci-fi universe to base the cake in that would fit both of us. Then I had an epiphany, video games! I just happened to stumble across a guy who makes customized wedding topper based on the Little Big Planet video game and I was enamored!

Little Big Planet 2 happens to be the first video game we ever played together. I could just picture the cake, either a replica of a planet or a tiered cake with ramps and characters from the game. I was so excited, for a couple of weeks all I could talk about was this cake. Frankly, it was more important to me than the dress or wedding site. Then, I did the wedding budget and my excitement turned to fear as I saw the expenses going up and up. I came to my senses and now instead of spending $1000 on this dream cake, my aunt is making my wedding cake for free.  I won’t lie, I am greatly disappointed that we don’t have enough money to have the my geeky dream wedding.  Honestly though, even if we didn’t have debt I can’t imagine myself agreeing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on one party.

Someday, I will get my sci-fi cake. It just may be my 80th birthday, but I’ll get one.

One response to “Goodbye Cake of My Dreams

  • Tanner

    Aww. Sorry to hear will not be able to get the cake you wanted. However, like you said, maybe you can get the perfect Geeky cake for a future anniversary! And it doesnt have to be your 80th birthday either. That’d be too vintage of a cake. Did you try looking in Etsy? A lot of people make toppers, and they’re not awfully expensive. Perhaps you could find someone willing to make the whole cake, though shipping may be a challenge.

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