My Wedding Dress is going to Suffocate Me

In my last post I mentioned my dismay at not getting my coveted sci-fi cake for the wedding. Even though I claim it was less important, I did manage to get the dress I wanted for free (sort of, my mom bought it for me).  Although, now that I think about it, it really wasn’t free seeing as I still pay $200 a month for her to live in my house.

The total ended up being $411 for the dress and an additional $133 for all the accessories.  I purchased it at David’s Bridal when I went to their $99 dress sale.  Of course I didn’t find a $99 dress, as they were all for skinny 24 year olds.  I myself am neither 24 nor skinny and certainly do not look as good in the dress as the model.  In fact, I barely fit into my dress and will either need to lose an inch of fat or have it altered, thus increasing the cost of said dress.  I am attempting to lose the inch of fat, but not doing a very good job at it.  Maybe I need to call and find our exactly how much it would cost me to alter the dress as motivation or keep trying the dress on to remind me how hard it is to breath.

Even $544 has been way too much money.  I had really hoped to spend under $300 total.  The problem was all those $99 dresses were too traditional and  princess like.  In the end I chose a tea-length gown that in the photo looks young and hip.  However, I have managed to make it look old-fashioned and 50’s-retro by pairing it with a gauzy shrug and pearl accessories.

At least I won’t look like a Disney princess, but it is costing cost me a fortune.


2 responses to “My Wedding Dress is going to Suffocate Me

  • Jeff

    My wife got her wedding dress for like $299 and then another 100 for alterations or something like that. I think it’s funny, she kept losing weight and the woman doing the alterations told her “if you lose anymore weight, I wont be able to alter it anymore”

  • Jenn

    I wish that were the case. I’d love have the dress be too big.

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