Getting in Touch with My Younger Self

This last weekend I met my best friend “Up North” in Sutton’s Bay. Wine Country!

It was awesome, I spent more than I should but worth every penny. My best friend has three small children so we don’t get to spend much time together. We went on a wine tour and stayed one night at the Vineyard Inn. As it happens (and it happens a lot), there was some mix up with the room and the means of transporting us on our wine tour was not what was promised. We ended up in the “honeymoon suite” because of the room issue. I don’t think the room itself was any more grand, just a little bigger. The bonus was that it had a semi-private outdoor seating area. The evening after the wine tour we sat outside and sipped wine and the morning before we left was spent sitting outside reading and drinking coffee.

It was just like the old days (pre-children). We had interesting conversations about the state of the world,  our futures, and about trying to stay in touch with our former care-free selves. It was just like old times when were in our twenties and early thirties.  While we didn’t like those years, or ourselves, we loved the feeling of having a wide open future and less responsibility.   It is a little easier for me since I don’t have children, but I was also the least care-free of the two of us to begin with.  She would never trade in her kids and I love my life now, but the future is not as open or as care-free as it once was.  This weekend was a small reminder of those care-free days.  It also reminded us of how much better we, as people, have become.

I think we all need to take the time and bring out the care-free youth inside us. It certainly makes life more enjoyable and gives our grown-up, mortgage paying selves, a break.


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