I Love Central Air

I did it again.  I disappeared for weeks on end.  During my time away I managed to spend almost $3000.

Due to a combination of poor quality and lack of maintenance the compressor wore out on our central air conditioner.  It was kind of funny, because I had just scheduled a company to come out and do some routine maintenance on it in two weeks.  I knew my fiancé had never had anything done since he purchased the home in 2008.  I had a schedule at my home.  Every two years I had routine maintenance done on the AC and furnace.

I always thought that my lack of knowledge on how to keep up a house was due to living in apartments all my life. Turns out, it really is up to parents to teach their kids these things.  My fiancé grew up in a house, he regularly did chores, but no one bothered to teach him why they were important.  He never made the correlation between taking a hose to the AC as a kid and regular maintenance of the unit.

We endured a week of 85-91 degree temperatures and we were miserable. Now its 95-100 and we are very happy that we halved our savings.


3 responses to “I Love Central Air

  • Jess

    Hey you have to pay $250.40, get that debt below $100,000! You are so close.

  • Jenn

    I haven’t updated in a while. I am under $100,000 again.

  • Mark

    Ouch Jenn… that’s a big check to have to write for the repair. Was it the Compressor only, or did they replace the entire outside unit?

    We compile costs like yours to help people budget for ac repairs, do you mind if I use your data on our site? Anonymously of course…

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