Wanted: Cleaning Service

That specializes in skunk smell removal.

What a morning!  I woke up at 5am and let the dogs out to go to the bathroom.  I was getting dressed to go walking with a friend at 5:30am when I heard one of the dogs at the door wanting to come inside.  It sounded like my Brittany, but the scratching was off.  I opened the door and sure enough my Brittany bolted through the door.  Turns out he wasn’t scratching, but rubbing his face against the door in an attempt to get skunk spray off him.

He ran through the house, found a pile of dirty sheets I hadn’t managed to take downstairs yet and started in with the rubbing again.  Right behind him was my little white dog and the Golden.  At first I smelled skunk, and it was really strong.  I stopped the golden at the door, smelled him, he was clean.  I went to find my Brittany and was overpowered by the stench.

I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t want to send him back outside and we don’t have an attached garage.  so I herded him into the exercise room and shut the door.  In the meantime the little dog had settle herself on the spare bed and when I found her she was filthy and smelled like skunk.  Though not as bad as the Brittany, so she must have been to the side of the him.

Panic set in and I moved the Brittany to the spare room, big mistake.  Did I mention my wedding dress is in that room?  Guess what smells like skunk!

It was about this time that I finally woke my fiance up and told him what happened.  We had no idea what to do, so he hopped on the internet, while I tried giving the dogs a bath.  By the way, my Brittany hates water.  It was lots of fun < insert sarcasm here>.

After lots of scrambling around, I ended up calling in to work.  I am really getting low on my annual leave.  My fiance went to work, he just started his job and can’t take time off.  As soon as the vet opened I dropped them off for a special bath, the to I gave them did not work.

Armed with three gallons of vinegar, four boxes of baking soda, and dawn I set to work de-skunking the house.  I am exhausted and really wish I could afford a cleaning service.  I set bowls of vinegar all over the house to absorb the smell and wiped all the floors and walls with a vinegar, baking soda, and dawn solution.  I even used vinegar on the outside of the house and hosed it down.

By the way, I’ve taken two showers and both the house and I still smell like skunk……ugh.

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