Giving Up My Smartphone

My contract ends this month for my iPhone with AT&T.  We are looking into adding me to my fiance’s plan with Verizon next month.  Depending on the overall costs, I may be giving up my smart phone.  I realize this is a luxury, but I really do use the internet features and apps a lot, more so than I use it to talk.  In fact I average about 150-200 minutes used in actual talk time a month.  I average 1GB of data usage and 250-300 texts.

As you can see, I use my phone for other things than to talk.  But, I need to cut my expenses so we will look into a different plan for me.  I had already decided to give up my iPhone for a cheaper android based model.  Some things I’ll miss if I give my phone up:

GPS Navigation
Word with friends (basically scrabble)
Constant access to my financial accounts

Email access

The following apps:
Kindle (I like to read if I am in a waiting room)
Endomondo (I track my walks and runs)
My Fitness Pal (diet tracker)
Buzz feed (news)
Huffington post (news)
Twitter (news)
Facebook (voyeurism)
Mint (budget)
YNAB (budget)
Pay off debt (debt snowball tracker)
Home Routine (Chore tracker)
CalenGoo (google calendar)

I realize I don’t need any of these things, but I sure do enjoy them.  I am hoping we come up with a reasonable joint plan that allows me to keep a smart phone.  My programmer fiance will keep his, I wouldn’t dream of asking him to go backwards technologically.  I might as well ask him to give up an arm……

5 responses to “Giving Up My Smartphone

  • mysti1031

    If you have an Android based phone, you can still have all of that. If you are looking at getting a “basic” phone, there will be very few options (FYI). We have Verizon, and went from a basic phone to a smartphone about 6 months ago. They have one small area with maybe 4 phones that are basic. And that is it.

    Unfortunately, smartphones are becoming the norm. We resisted for a long time, but when we saw our choices (we were renewing our contract), we hated it. They were cheap phones. And we were still planning on texting, and our options would be very limited.

    • Jenn

      I am hoping that with a joint plan we can still save money and keep me on a data plan. Its good to know that my options are limited. Kind of makes it easier to justify keeping a smartphone. I’ve been looking at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

      • Mysti

        I have a Samsung Stratosphere, and it is great. It is Android based, touch screen with a full keyboard slider

      • Jenn

        I always love my iPhone, even more since i managed to get it cheap as a refurbished phone. But, I am ready to shop around. Its been acting up ever since it got immersed in coffee. Everyone I know who has an Android OS likes it.

  • Tanner

    With Verizon’s new data share plan, it may be easier/cheaper than you think to go into a joint type account. Check out their plans, not just their individual data plans, and hopefully something works out for you.

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