New to Us Patio Furniture

We received free patio furniture yesterday from friends of my fiance’s parents.  At first we were reluctant to say we’d take it, sight unseen.  If we didn’t have furniture it would have been one thing, but we already had a decent hand-me down table set.

My fiance agreed to at least go move it to his parents.  The friends needed to get rid of it asap.  When they showed up with the set, I took one look at the chairs and said absolutely.  It was exactly the style I had been looking for, mesh fabric, adjustable chairs and two foot stools.  Plus it came with an umbrella, which I had been contemplating purchasing one.  Awesome!

Of course we don’t use our outdoor area much, but I hope to use it more now that we have an umbrella for shade.

We decided to offer our set to his brother & sister-in-law, although transporting it may be an issue.  If they decide not to take it, I am giving it to my mom.  She is using an old wooden set I left behind that is falling apart.

We also received a free DVD player that we are going to hook up to the small tv in the exercise room.  It has a DVD player but no remote, it is on loan from a friend that didn’t need it.  In fact she may have forgotten about it already.


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