Sewer Cleanout Time

My mom called, she has noticed the sewer line backing up again.  Yes! More home repairs!  Just what we need……not.

It seems that the roots have re-invaded the sewer line.  I knew cutting the roots was a temporary fix.  Each time they are cut the roots grow back faster.  I can’t remember the last time I had the sewer line cleaned, maybe two years ago.  I know it was when I was still living in the house.

I scheduled Roto-Rooter to come to the house in two weeks.  I hope that I can put off installing a new sewer line for a little while longer.  At some point I’ll need to take care of it, but I don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around.  I really wish I could sell the house without taking a massive loss.

Home ownership wasn’t nearly as great as I thought it would be.


4 responses to “Sewer Cleanout Time

  • Tanner

    That sucks! Hopefully they can come with a good, viable solution without just installing new lines. Home ownership sounds more expensive the more I look at it… but I’m sure the benefits outweight the negatives some days, at least.

    • Jenn

      Home ownership is expensive. The plus side is the ability to personalize your home. It also makes it easier if you are like me and love animals. It is hard to find a decent rental with three dogs.

  • Andrea

    Some people think I’m insane because I don’t want to own another home, but it’s exactly because of situations like yours. I was definitely relieved to be a renter last year when my entire septic field collapsed and had to be replaced! I hope Roto Rooter is able to do some good and buy you more time – crossing my fingers!

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