Resistance Accomplished

After I voted on Tuesday, I stopped by Younkers in search a pair of black sandals.  I had searched far and wide for a pair of comfortable, affordable, black sandals. I have a skirt I’ve wanted to wear for some time, but had no shoes to go with it.  A little pat on the back for myself, I found a pair for $14.99.

However, that wasn’t the resistance to which the title of this blog refers.  Younkers had Keurig Coffee makers on sale!  I was so tempted.  I’ve wanted one (now two) for quite some time.  I’d like one of the mini-Keurigs for my office and a larger one for home.  Currently, I have an old Tassimo that I am not to fond of, but still prefer o use rather than a drip coffee maker.  I drink my coffee at work to keep myself from stopping for a $5 latte in the morning.  Also, I work out before work and don’t have time to sit and enjoy my coffee at home.  At home, I have a drip coffee maker (also not a fan) that I use on the weekends.  If you havent figured it out, I really like my coffee (and tea).

I spent a good twenty minutes, looking the Keurigs over and trying to justify the purchase of at least the mini-Keurig to myself.  Alas, I walked away, with only the sandals I came to purchase in the first place……

Resistance Accomplished


2 responses to “Resistance Accomplished

  • Tanner

    Success story! Since you mentioned $5 lattes at work in the morning, how about putting a jar next to your coffee cup at work, and depositing those $5’s every time you beat temptation? You’d probably be able to pull enough money to buy the machine in no time.

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