Still Discovering Anxiety Issues

About ten years ago I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety and mild Agoraphobia. Ever since then I have been in and out of therapy dealing with the problems and underlying causes.

I have come a long way in my life.  I can do so many more things that I couldn’t do.  Such as order pizza on the phone, go to a new restaurant, etc.  Every so often I find a “problem”, such as my fear of using a drive-through car wash because I have never done it before and “don’t know how it works”.

I posted about the tree we received as a gift and the turmoil it caused me.  Well, we may receive another gift that is now causing me anxiety.  I think I may have discovered a new “problem”.  It explains my avoidance of gift giving holidays and celebrations.  Sometimes I am OK at gift receiving.  I really think it depends on whether the gift is a small token or something large.  Gift cards seem to be OK for me.

The wedding is bringing these issues to light.  Logically,  I should be ecstatic to receive gifts (free things!), but anxiety isn’t logical.  So, next week I will head back to my therapist to explore my gift problem.

At least she is free……covered by insurance any way.

4 responses to “Still Discovering Anxiety Issues

  • Chrissie A

    Jenn–this very poignant post really struck a chord. I have some similar issues…one in particular I am working through with the help of my therapist husband. 🙂

    Details to be provided on request, perhaps over glasses of Michigan wine, heh heh…

  • Jenn

    I have six bottles of Michigan wine from my last wine tasting trip. I also purchased some fancy cheese and not so fancy crackers today. I look forward to hearing all about it next Friday. I guess that would be my “bachelorette” party!

  • Chrissie A

    Haha @”bachelorette” 🙂 Now there’s a word they could kick out of the English language and probably no one would miss it.

    I believe in the UK they call them “hen parties”…that’s just as funny, maybe funnier.

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