Our Loved Ones Are Very Generous

We did not register for our upcoming wedding, nonetheless we are receiving generous gifts.  We debated about registering for over and over again, in the end we decided against it for several reasons:

1) We are 30 and 38, not 22 and just starting out.

2) We just combined two complete households and really didn’t need anything.  There are a few wants, but no needs.

3) We just wanted to get married, not do a gift grab.

Regardless, we have received some generous gift cards, cash, and a beautiful bell chime.  I am staying on top of getting our thank you notes out right away.  We are trying to put a lot of thought into writing each note, otherwise why bother.  It isn’t sincere, in my opinion, if it just says thank you.  Although, I admit some cards are easier to write than others.

We deposited the cash into our long-term savings and started using the gift cards for our every day expenses to save some money.  We did make a “new” purchase: a portable carpet cleaner to help clean up dog vomit, urine, etc.  Unfortunately one of our dogs recently ended up with a urinary tract infection…the basement is a bit smelly.

Our family and friends have been very generous and we appreciate it.  It was all unnecessary and we are trying to put the gifts to good use.  One of our friends gave us a gift certificate to our Vet, which given our dog expenses, was used almost immediately!!

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