Another Reason To Get Out Of Debt

I mentioned that I am in school to become an accountant.  My ultimate dream is to freelance in bookkeeping and managerial accounting.  There is a problem, however.  My Debt.

Anyone that knows me personally knows I would never dream of embezzlement.  For many reasons:

  1. It is wrong!
  2. It is hard enough for me to accept things/help from others let alone take things that don’t belong to me.  I was raised to “take care of myself and not accept help”.  Luckily, I am learning to accept help from others and it has enhanced my life.
  3. I would never want to ruin my life, the lives of the people I love, or the livelihood of the people who trusted me to take care of their finances.
  4. I am someone who doesn’t want to let others down.
  5. Lastly, the thought of jail terrifies me and I am smart enough to know that everyone gets caught eventually.

That being said, if any potential employers or customers do a credit check, I am pretty sure I am not going to look very solid to them given my debt load.

It is now even more imperative that I get out of debt for my future employment opportunities.  Who wants to hire a bookkeeper/accountant who is $90000+ in debt?

2 responses to “Another Reason To Get Out Of Debt

  • Tanner

    Well, unless they’re checking your credit, I don’t think they need to know you are 90k in debt. There are good and bad points about that, though. If people know you are in debt and you’re helping them, it’s easier to relate. Would you rather be told it’s easy to get out of debt by someone who has no debt, or by someone who is fighting the fight? Also, it shows you are committed to it, and likewise, you will help them out. By keeping the recordkeeping transparent, you can extend their trust to you, in debt or not.

    • Jenn

      Credit checks by employers are becoming more common, in addition to checking social media profiles. It may not be an issue for all employers, but I am sure some might question wether I am a risky employee. They actually talk about stuff like that in my accounting class.

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