Chasing Dog With a Pee Cup to Save Money

That is me, walking around my neighborhood wearing surgical gloves and trying to catch my dog’s pee in a cup.  I must look like an idiot walking around half bent over trying to scoot a plastic container under my dogs back-end every time it looks like she might squat and pee.

Our female dog ended up with a Urinary Tract Infection and completed the antibiotics a week ago.  I was supposed to collect a sample myself (lots cheaper), but have failed miserably.  She is simply too close to the ground and I can’t get anything under here fast enough to collect.

It is not as easy as you might think to catch the urine of a 30 pound female dog.  This week I have made several attempts to obtain a urine sample from my small dog,  The results:

Owner 0  Dog 5

I may have to bite the bullet and let the vet get the sample.  It will be costly, but finally done.


2 responses to “Chasing Dog With a Pee Cup to Save Money

  • Tanner

    That’s quite a situation you got there. Instead of following the pup with a cup, how about you set the perfect stage for her? Have her drink lots of liquids (like by adding flavors), then keep her in for a few hours until she really needs to go. Then ‘outfit’ her favorite tree with a tray of sorts (since she’s low to the ground, the cup may not work). Block all other places of the tree (either put chairs or just other unfriendly potty time materials), and hopefully she will go without much fuss. Good luck.

  • Christopher N

    I understand about the vet bill! One of my cats at a piece of string a few months ago. It cost $800 for the vet to tell me that my cat would probably poop it out in a few days. Good luck and I hope your dog is feeling better! 🙂

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