In 2009 I reached my breaking point in trying to manage my debt and unsustainable lifestyle. It wasn’t any particular event, just many sleepless nights of worrying about the constant juggle to stay afloat. The total amount of my debt had not been growing for some time, but it felt like I was spinning my wheels and staying in place. Paying more than the monthly payments but charging again the amount I’d managed to pay off. I am in the process of taking a hard look at my life and the way in which I live it.  I have made some major financial mistakes during my life I am trying to correct. It will be a long slow climb out of the hole, but I know that I am not alone in this journey. I am not afraid of working hard, I’ve always had multiple jobs since I was an adult, I just liked to spend all the money and then some.
This blog is about my personal journey in turning around my financial life.  While I hope I provide useful information as I discover it, I am not intending to provide well researched blogs on the latest financial topics.  There are many other blogs that do that, I will simply point you to them.  My intention is to post on at least some small financial discovery, insight, thought, and occasional whine.
I spent almost twenty years of my life living on my own.  In 2012, I became engaged to a wonderful man.  He knew going in what a financial mess I was and how I’ve been working to correct the situation.  He doesn’t have any debt except his home and never thought someone could have as much debt as I do.  Of course if your following me, you know full well that there are others out  there that owe even more.
I started this blog to document my journey at getting out of this hole single.  Along the way I left my single life and changed the name of the blog.  While I am no longer single, I am single in debt.  It is all mine, but now I have help and together we hope to get rid of it all and build a great debt free life together.
Welcome! I hope you see enough progress to make your journey seem worth it!

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  • Jeff

    Just to get you started I would read Total money makeover, and Financial peace by dave ramsey. I’ve read a lot on this subject lately and I believe Dave’s philosphy is the best.

    • Jenn

      I read Total Money Makeover, years and years ago. I remember some of his recommendations and tried to put them into practice at the time, but I don’t think I was in the right place mentally for it to work. I should check the book out from the library again, thanks for the suggestion!

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