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End of November Totals

Quick Update:

I have new totals up for the end of November.  My last credit card is below $13,000.


More Money Into The House

Last time on our home improvement saga, we added more money for grading and drying out the basement.  Well, we just added more for new carpeting.

Last week, H called me at work to tell me that the restoration company wanted over $500 to stretch and place our old carpeting back in place.  I really didn’t want to have to spend that much just to lay our old carpet back down.  Our old, urinated on, vomited on, formally water-logged, not in great shape carpet.

So, now we are spending $1300 for brand spanking new carpet.  Honestly, even though it costs more I feel better about spending the money on new carpet rather than the crappy old stuff.  However, we are not replacing the carpet on the side door landing and two steps to the kitchen.  Eventually we are going to lay down vinyl for an additional $475.

We are going to put off the vinyl and the new front porch until spring to save up the money.  I can’t wait for all this to be over.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

In my last post I talked about using H’s money to get our driveway redone for $4200.  Well…..

I was wrong about the price, it was $5400.  The word “was” is key here.

The price has gone up.  I thought I was clever in tearing out the front porch ourselves and saving us some money.  Not so much.  It turns out I forgot to factor in the rain and the depressed earth underneath the porch.  Which has now cost us an additional $1500 so far and climbing.

On Tuesday of last week, I came home to find the carpet in the basement sopping wet.  The water now has easier access to the basement.  We spent several days and tons of money drying everything out, but can’t put the room back together until the driveway and grading against the house is complete (grading is a new expense).

The driveway can’t begin until it stops raining.  We have tarps and plastic all over the front of the house to keep the water at bay.  Granted, we live in Michigan so this is nothing compared to if we lived in NJ or NY.

In all, we are expecting to spend almost $10,000 not including the new porch.  Twice what we expected.  Oh, and if the driveway and grading don’t doesn’t work?  $7000 for a french drain……..is in our future.

Debt Payments Complete By Mid-Month

Now that I’ve whittled the number of debts down, I have all the payments made by the middle of the month.  I feels a bit weird to only have a couple of debts to keep track of.

I am not sure what to do with myself.  I think I might just start extra payments next month just to give me something to do…….

Income Tax Volunteering

Last week I signed up with a VITA program to help low to moderate income people with filing their tax returns.

I received an email back and train during the month of October.   For ten weeks starting in February I’ll commit myself to a minimum of two hours a week in assistance.  Overall that in not a lot of time, but I’ll definitely have to juggle some things to fit everything in.  I have been doing my own and H’s basic taxes for several years, using the forms not software.

I do receive 8 hours of leave each year that I can use for community service, I am going to look into whether this qualifies or not.  That would certainly help with all the training I need to get done in October.

I have been feeling the urge to get involved in more community service, besides the Harvest Gathering (I am the Treasurer) committee at work.  I thought this might be a good start.

Another Reason To Get Out Of Debt

I mentioned that I am in school to become an accountant.  My ultimate dream is to freelance in bookkeeping and managerial accounting.  There is a problem, however.  My Debt.

Anyone that knows me personally knows I would never dream of embezzlement.  For many reasons:

  1. It is wrong!
  2. It is hard enough for me to accept things/help from others let alone take things that don’t belong to me.  I was raised to “take care of myself and not accept help”.  Luckily, I am learning to accept help from others and it has enhanced my life.
  3. I would never want to ruin my life, the lives of the people I love, or the livelihood of the people who trusted me to take care of their finances.
  4. I am someone who doesn’t want to let others down.
  5. Lastly, the thought of jail terrifies me and I am smart enough to know that everyone gets caught eventually.

That being said, if any potential employers or customers do a credit check, I am pretty sure I am not going to look very solid to them given my debt load.

It is now even more imperative that I get out of debt for my future employment opportunities.  Who wants to hire a bookkeeper/accountant who is $90000+ in debt?

Our Loved Ones Are Very Generous

We did not register for our upcoming wedding, nonetheless we are receiving generous gifts.  We debated about registering for over and over again, in the end we decided against it for several reasons:

1) We are 30 and 38, not 22 and just starting out.

2) We just combined two complete households and really didn’t need anything.  There are a few wants, but no needs.

3) We just wanted to get married, not do a gift grab.

Regardless, we have received some generous gift cards, cash, and a beautiful bell chime.  I am staying on top of getting our thank you notes out right away.  We are trying to put a lot of thought into writing each note, otherwise why bother.  It isn’t sincere, in my opinion, if it just says thank you.  Although, I admit some cards are easier to write than others.

We deposited the cash into our long-term savings and started using the gift cards for our every day expenses to save some money.  We did make a “new” purchase: a portable carpet cleaner to help clean up dog vomit, urine, etc.  Unfortunately one of our dogs recently ended up with a urinary tract infection…the basement is a bit smelly.

Our family and friends have been very generous and we appreciate it.  It was all unnecessary and we are trying to put the gifts to good use.  One of our friends gave us a gift certificate to our Vet, which given our dog expenses, was used almost immediately!!

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