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More Money Into The House

Last time on our home improvement saga, we added more money for grading and drying out the basement.  Well, we just added more for new carpeting.

Last week, H called me at work to tell me that the restoration company wanted over $500 to stretch and place our old carpeting back in place.  I really didn’t want to have to spend that much just to lay our old carpet back down.  Our old, urinated on, vomited on, formally water-logged, not in great shape carpet.

So, now we are spending $1300 for brand spanking new carpet.  Honestly, even though it costs more I feel better about spending the money on new carpet rather than the crappy old stuff.  However, we are not replacing the carpet on the side door landing and two steps to the kitchen.  Eventually we are going to lay down vinyl for an additional $475.

We are going to put off the vinyl and the new front porch until spring to save up the money.  I can’t wait for all this to be over.


Funding The Emergency Fund

H and I had a talk about emergency funds and paying off the debt.  He wanted to put any extra funds onto my credit card.  I balked at the idea, I wanted them to go into our savings.

I made a suggestion that we agree on a specific number that needs to remain in the Emergency Fund at all times and any extra goes onto the debt.  He agreed and we came up with the following plan:

1) We will bring the Emergency Fund up to $5000.  This should cover the majority of any major home problems, or at least a significant portion.  Given that we still have maintenance on two homes, I voted for the larger Emergency Fund. If we draw from the fund, then we need to bring it back up to the stated level before applying extra money to the debt.

2) After the Emergency Fund is at our goal, then all extra money goes to pay the credit card.

3) H has a minimum level he likes to keep his personal checking account, so he will maintain that level.  Since he never reconciles his accounts, I can’t blame him.  I don’t understand it, but it works for him.  All our utilities and the mortgage come out of his account.  We are not going to bother going through the hassle of switching everything over to our joint account right now.  We are creating a master password list, so if something happens to one of us, we can access the other’s information.

4) After the credit card is paid, we are bring the Emergency Fund up to $10,000 and focus on paying the student loan.  Technically, the car is a higher interest rate but the Student Loan interest payment is so much larger that we are going after that next.  The cars will be paid within reasonable time periods.

This is the plan…..Engage…

Money Back for Mom

My dress had a few problems when I went to pick it up on Sunday.  Namely, blood spots on the dress.  I ended up sitting in that dressing room for an hour and a half.

Eventually they got the blood out, but in the process there was slight damage to the dress.  No one would know just by looking, but I could see where it was slightly torn and distressed.  Given that my wedding is Saturday and the most important thing is getting married, I didn’t make a huge fuss about it.  I plan on re-purposing the dress not sticking it in some box to preserve it.

I did manage to get a 10% discount however.  Not for me, but for my mom, since she bought me the dress.  They wouldn’t give me cash so she will have to go to the store with the receipt and her credit card.  They offered me in-store credit, but what would I use with $35 in a bridal shop.  I am not planning to do this ever again!  I was annoyed that my mom has to travel back to the store to receive her discount, but after almost two hours I just wanted to get home.

This is what I get for going to a cheap bridal shop, but there was no way I was going to spend a ton of money on a dress I’d be wearing for one day.

Updating The Blog

I am in the process of updating Single in Debt, Couple in Life.  Over the next few weeks I am going to migrate the blog to its own .com (address pending).  Why?  I just want more control over the look and feel of the blog.

Also, I created a Twitter feed.  My plan for the Twitter feed is to use it to announce my postings and to share my favorite postings of the other financial blogs I read.

I hit a lull with Single In Debt for a while, but lately I’ve felt the desire to write and I am going with it.

Resistance Accomplished

After I voted on Tuesday, I stopped by Younkers in search a pair of black sandals.  I had searched far and wide for a pair of comfortable, affordable, black sandals. I have a skirt I’ve wanted to wear for some time, but had no shoes to go with it.  A little pat on the back for myself, I found a pair for $14.99.

However, that wasn’t the resistance to which the title of this blog refers.  Younkers had Keurig Coffee makers on sale!  I was so tempted.  I’ve wanted one (now two) for quite some time.  I’d like one of the mini-Keurigs for my office and a larger one for home.  Currently, I have an old Tassimo that I am not to fond of, but still prefer o use rather than a drip coffee maker.  I drink my coffee at work to keep myself from stopping for a $5 latte in the morning.  Also, I work out before work and don’t have time to sit and enjoy my coffee at home.  At home, I have a drip coffee maker (also not a fan) that I use on the weekends.  If you havent figured it out, I really like my coffee (and tea).

I spent a good twenty minutes, looking the Keurigs over and trying to justify the purchase of at least the mini-Keurig to myself.  Alas, I walked away, with only the sandals I came to purchase in the first place……

Resistance Accomplished

New to Us Patio Furniture

We received free patio furniture yesterday from friends of my fiance’s parents.  At first we were reluctant to say we’d take it, sight unseen.  If we didn’t have furniture it would have been one thing, but we already had a decent hand-me down table set.

My fiance agreed to at least go move it to his parents.  The friends needed to get rid of it asap.  When they showed up with the set, I took one look at the chairs and said absolutely.  It was exactly the style I had been looking for, mesh fabric, adjustable chairs and two foot stools.  Plus it came with an umbrella, which I had been contemplating purchasing one.  Awesome!

Of course we don’t use our outdoor area much, but I hope to use it more now that we have an umbrella for shade.

We decided to offer our set to his brother & sister-in-law, although transporting it may be an issue.  If they decide not to take it, I am giving it to my mom.  She is using an old wooden set I left behind that is falling apart.

We also received a free DVD player that we are going to hook up to the small tv in the exercise room.  It has a DVD player but no remote, it is on loan from a friend that didn’t need it.  In fact she may have forgotten about it already.

Giving Up My Smartphone

My contract ends this month for my iPhone with AT&T.  We are looking into adding me to my fiance’s plan with Verizon next month.  Depending on the overall costs, I may be giving up my smart phone.  I realize this is a luxury, but I really do use the internet features and apps a lot, more so than I use it to talk.  In fact I average about 150-200 minutes used in actual talk time a month.  I average 1GB of data usage and 250-300 texts.

As you can see, I use my phone for other things than to talk.  But, I need to cut my expenses so we will look into a different plan for me.  I had already decided to give up my iPhone for a cheaper android based model.  Some things I’ll miss if I give my phone up:

GPS Navigation
Word with friends (basically scrabble)
Constant access to my financial accounts

Email access

The following apps:
Kindle (I like to read if I am in a waiting room)
Endomondo (I track my walks and runs)
My Fitness Pal (diet tracker)
Buzz feed (news)
Huffington post (news)
Twitter (news)
Facebook (voyeurism)
Mint (budget)
YNAB (budget)
Pay off debt (debt snowball tracker)
Home Routine (Chore tracker)
CalenGoo (google calendar)

I realize I don’t need any of these things, but I sure do enjoy them.  I am hoping we come up with a reasonable joint plan that allows me to keep a smart phone.  My programmer fiance will keep his, I wouldn’t dream of asking him to go backwards technologically.  I might as well ask him to give up an arm……

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